Porkchops and Applesauce: The Campaign: In Space IV: The Sequel

Bar fights? Yes please.

13 Augustus Year 1202

Whence we began this farce of a “group” I had my doubts. With sound reason of course. A Barbarian, Kord Cleric, Thief, and myself? No, I wouldn’t trust such a rabble either. We joined our talents under the ruse of finding glory, helping the innocent (for a price of course), or riches beyond our wildest dreams. I know better than to believe those lies.
p. The Cleric does nothing but goat people into fights and asks every man he comes across whether he has a daughter he’s willing to sell. Such debauchery I have not seen for some time since setting out on my travels looking for…(Stares up at the stars wondering if the one person he is looking for is searching for him as well.) The Barbarian is smarter than he is letting on. No warrior of his stature backs down from any sort of confrontation even a street fight knowing there will be a chance to prove himself in battle. The Thief is never around, always lurking in the shadows, jumping around on rooftops. Typical Thief things.
p. Our first couple of days of travel were nice and easy. Preferable to having to get your boots dirty cracking some guys skull open in the middle road and then explaining what happened to the local law. That serene travel was cut short when we were ambushed by a unusually large group of Kobolds led by an Orc warrior. Now I know what you thinking an Orc warrior with Kobolds? Just doesn’t happen unless someone wants it to happen. So like it or not a fight broke out of course and we were able to dispatch the smelly creatures without too much trouble. Unfortunately for the Cleric he lost his shield right from the start and was knocked unconscious for the entire damn fight. Good thing he can heal or else we would’ve been dragging his heavy behind the rest of the way to Chippingnorton.
p. We finally reached Chippingnorton and after a short conversation with the guards describing how we killed a few Kobolds they quickly let us into town where the Cleric and I ran straight to the local pub and reveled in our victory with food, ale, and luckily enough some music. Not too long after that a man by the name of Lord Stev walked in saying he was the lord protector of the town and the surrounding area and began inquiring as to how we were able to take care of the Kobolds and the Orc leader so easily. After finishing our tale for the Lord he asked if we would be willing to help with the Kobold matter for the town. Since he wouldn’t reveal much other than the fact that the Kobolds were coming from the mountain I asked about the tall tower in the center of town to which he answered that it is the dwelling of Isav the Sage and said that he would set up a meeting to discuss the matter at hand.
p. As I agreed to the meeting the Cleric took it upon himself to start a fight with a real nasty looking fellow named Uskbra. I asked one of Ushkbra’s friend about him and from what the friend told me it sounded like he was competent in a fight but was a complete dick when it came to his position of little power. The Cleric wasn’t frightened at all, more happy at the idea of battling a strong foe. The fight began and the Cleric cast a spell on himself which enlarged his size by quite a bit creating a look of worry upon his opponents face. The fight did not last long after.
p. This exchange of blows made the Barbarians blood bowl and he stepped up next to fight. Naturally I took as a perfect opportunity to test the skills of two such warriors and joined the fight as well. In the end I won. That’s right, little ol’ me won against a Cleric in full armor and a damn Barbarian. We agreed to a match of Fisticuffs seeing as it wasn’t a good idea to kill anyone in the middle of town and that was the real reason why I one. With the Barbarian not able to use his giant sword and the Cleric unable to use his shield I was able to dance around their blows with ease. After that display of skill the Lord approached us again in the pub saying that he was most impressed but pleaded that we not cause anymore ruckus during our time in town. We obliged his Lordship and went to bed.
p. Where the Thief was and what he was up to I have no idea but hopefully he was gathering information on our quest and any and all interlopers that might want us to not come back.

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